About Traanspace


Vibrant and simplistic in realism, Baroda based firm Urvi Shah & Associates was incepted in the year 2009, headed by architect Urvi Shah. The firm majorly deals in providing 360 degree widespread design solutions in Architecture and Interior design realms. In 2019, on completion of 10 years, the firm decided to take a step further. Urvi Shah and Associates has unlocked new parameters of designing and is now TRAANSPACE. Ar. Urvi Shah, the founder principal of the firm holds a Bachelor's Degree of Architecture from the most renowned college, The Maharaja Sayajirao University.

Traanspace has leaped into creating original and timeless designs by thorough background research for each type of project taken up. Their interests lay in exploring fresh ideas by permeating into the details of functionality well balanced with aesthetics. The firm thrives by experimenting beyond conventionalism and constantly pushing their limits. They explore thepossibilities in building unusual illustrations in architecture on a very simple note.

Professional relations with clients have grown healthy over the years owing to trust and close working environs. This proves as a successful and smooth job of every project that we work on.Individual projects are allotted to the most relevant project teamsin the officefor active and collectivedesigning. Hence this creates a positive report with the clients. A very harmonic and tactile outcome is thus achieved at the end of each task.

Presented prominently on a regular basis, our work is appreciated by prime architectural and interior design papers and publications. Many of our projects have also bagged awards for the firms.

Design Philosophy

Rudimentary factors matter the most in any kind of design.Aspects containing project brief, context as well as constraints act as foremost motivation for us. Enlivened spaces brings life to users and that is what we persist in designing by thought-provoking ideas.

We believe in “Less is more” which is unfailing in our designs actualised by bold and straight lines. Believers of minimalism and sheer contemporary designs, the firm prospers in designing in detail. Driven by inspirations from traditional concepts, craft and local materials, our work is a fine mix of customary details in contemporary spaces. Laid on the foundations of functionality, form and aesthetics play a controlled role. Henceforth are produced some stunning yet dramatic spaces. Having based in a tropical environment, our architecture is precisely climate sensitive and has a constant thought of built form befitting in the context.

Nuances of the process permeate into the firm for the best outcomes as the process is always as stimulating as conceiving. Along with drawings, the parallel mediums of exploration are seen through sketches, 3D visuals and models to communicate best with our clients.We also work in a specific manner to give customise solutions.

Smooth methods have blurred the boundaries between the branches of architecture, interior design, landscape detailing and furniture and lighting designs in our practise. Versatile and eclectic outcome as seen in various projects, yet the style of our practice has never failed to be reflected.

Traanspace Environment

A platform for the designers to work with no bars and make professional friends is what Traanspace’s office mirrors. We encourage table discussions for any size of project and freedom to explore merging of ideas. To propel the office environment, educational workshops and seminars are held for motivation and up-gradation of design knowledge. A regular session of presentation of latest products and visits of vendors give apt information to explore them and find best composition in detailing.

Each designer is given opportunities to work on all phases of the process. This includes multiple possibilities of developing design by including considerations like technology, climate, site conditions, materials and finishes.

Our small knit family-like design team allows room for casual interaction that supports work environment and regular retreats adds to work culture. A systematic pattern is adapted here that allows everyone to design with standards as they explore their freedom. This also lets new employee gel well in the routine life of Traanspace.

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